The Community of Meter Asset Providers (CMAP) is the association body for companies that invest in smart meters and associated technologies. We currently have 12 members and further details of each can be found here.

CMAP’s role is to operate as a forum for discussion on issues impacting MAPs. This facilitates a collective voice to address concerns and provide insight at an industry level.If you are interested in becoming a member of CMAP, please click here for more details.

Role of the Meter Asset Provider

Meter Asset Providers (MAPs) finance metering assets and certain installation costs. A MAP is the owner of the meter and receives rental from the appointed Energy Supplier. MAPs have been a permanent feature of the UK’s energy market since deregulation in 1998 when the role of a separate asset owner was created.

MAPs allow the cost of the smart meter programme to be spread over the long-term. The existence of MAPs also means Energy Suppliers do not have to bear the cost for the programme as incurred – which could lead to increased bills for customers.