Calvin Capital’s origins can be traced back to Ofgem’s decision in 2000 to introduce competition into the provision of gas and electricity metering. With the advent of smart meters, the first of the new intelligent energy devices to be offered by utilities to their customers on a national basis, Calvin Capital’s meter portfolio has gradually shifted over time from traditional meters to smart meters. These devices are the first step in the digital energy transformation and are ultimately a platform for future technological advancements creating a cleaner and more sustainable energy market that is accessible by all.

Calvin Capital works closely with its customers to support the procurement and installation of the digital assets they require.

As the energy and utilities sector continues to evolve in response to market and regulatory conditions, it is expected that new growth opportunities, such as energy storage and electric vehicle charging, will arise. As it continues to age, the energy infrastructure in Britain faces technological, political, and regulatory changes that will likely support and drive the emergence of new forms of energy production and distribution. Such changes would lead to new types of energy infrastructure assets to be developed and deployed, requiring large amounts of capital expenditure to be rolled out widely. Due of Calvin’s capabilities, experience, and expertise in efficiently procuring, installing, owning and managing high volumes of small-value energy infrastructure assets, expanding into adjacent infrastructure assets using Calvin’s existing business model represents a significant growth opportunity in the medium term.

Calvin Capital was founded in 2002, and benefits from a multi-disciplinary team of highly-skilled professionals with experience in establishing efficient capital structures in order to provide competitive pricing for our customers.